Heart of Darkness

heart of darknessheart of darkness


I’m here again.
Again and again.
Motion sickness
Stuck in repeat.
Cycles of change
Spinning and spilling.
Prophecy written
Primordial stone.

I’m home.

The last straw
Breaks camels’ backs.
I’m back.
Again and again.

Reunion of wit
One smile
I’m smitten
Your presence –
Pure glory and

But as it is written
All comes to an end
You come and I end.

The morning
Shining cold light
And gory details
Mimicking retail
Dissolution of trust.

You must
Reengage the center of command
In Kubrick space-time
Galaxies whizzing by
Centuries collapsing
I’m asking
For one simple thing
A shoulder to lean
A mother-have-been
A safety unseen
Yet undeniable fact

And yet as foreseen
You turn your back.
Familiar stone-cold
Wasted and numb.
I must be dumb
I must be daft, blind and stupid.
No cupid
Could ever retrace
Reconnect and restore
The threads I abhor
But secretly love
And passionately crave.

For time is a slave
To self and to cold facts
Not human abstracts
Not human desires,
Drowning in mires
Of karmic incest.
I still know you’re the best
And still want your Yes.

But knowing what’s right
I cast the anchor
And spin out of control
Inertia’s toll
Carving scars and wrinkles
Upon my dimples.
Pushing, screaming and breaking
Hymens meant for the taking
Orgasmic faking
Is for human masks.

This is universal task
This is universal soul.
Let down your guard
And break the mold.


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